hi! welcome to my little corner on the Internet. I'm the owner and administrator of cronut.cafe, so feel free to reach out to me for any purpose.

if contacting me over XMPP, please use OMEMO and verify the following fingerprints:

Desktop: 08daba06 7dcf9a5d d1adf4c0 84743b0d dfdf6775 95fc2da8 2c440694 4016b406
Laptop:  fd29174f 31476b77 9bd8be3c 1d12d568 4eaf6903 7e76c692 a400db0b 34df1064
Mobile:  8d5fed36 232a791e f91bf937 aec75526 78047f43 acda6376 bee29a87 ec884d75

I created cronut.cafe because I'm interested in becoming a sysadmin, and the idea of pubnixes sounds really cool. let's have a good time :D

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